The Different Ways Testing Human Growth Hormones is done by the Experts

Throughout the years, the notion of the use of Human Growth Hormones has rapidly changed. To what started as a negative impression has now turned into a necessity. In fact, there are many people who have started to recognize just how important having HGH in the body is. This is why they have become more open to the use of HGH products that are being sold in the market.

Tests for HGH

Naturally speaking, the hormone is being produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. The hormone is actually a protein which is held responsible for a number of bodily functions. By the time an individual reaches the age of 30, the level of this hormone starts to deplete. As a result, there are already a number of disorders that put him at risk. Moreover, there are a number of instances wherein the HGH level in the body can also fall. This is why it is important to go through testing in order to determine what the exact level of HGH is in the human body. Once this is done, specialists will be able to prescribe something that can help boost this level for a healthy and normal functioning of the body.

The Different Ways Testing Human Growth Hormones is Being Done

Nowadays, there are a number of tests developed to determine what the current HGH level of the body is. Here are some of the different ways testing Human Growth Hormones is done in the human body:

Somatomedin C Test

The Somatomedin C Test is being administered in order to procure an accurate HGH level in the blood. This is because somatomedin or insulin has been recognized as a good indicator of how much HGH level is in the blood. For a normal result of the test, an adult patient needs to fall under the average range of 42-110ng/ml. Once the actual reading exceeds this range, it is an indication that there is acromegaly or gigantism of the HGH level in the blood.

Somatotropin Hormone Test

Somatotropin Hormone Test is another way to test for a deficiency or excess of HGH levels in the blood. In order to have an accurate reading, a blood sample is normally obtained after the patient has gotten an hour of good sleep. For normal results of the test, adult men should have 5ng/ml while adult women should have less than 10ng/ml. This range is different for children and new born babies.

Growth Hormone Suppression Test

Unlike the two previous tests mentioned, the Growth Hormone Suppression test evaluates the excessive HGH baseline level. To determine this, glucose gets injected into the body before a couple of blood samples are extracted. The normal test result for a suppressed HGH level should be 3ng/ml. If it reaches 5ng/ml, it is already a clear sign of an acromegaly syndrome.

Growth Hormone Stimulation Test

The Growth Hormone Stimulation Test is another way to test HGH level of the blood. However, this method measures the ability’s normal ability to produce the hormone. For the test, the body is injected with insulin before frequent blood samples are extracted. The result of the test is being used to indicate HGH deficiency. For normal test results, there should be a finding of 10ng/ml.

The above mentioned are the different ways testing human growth hormones is being done. Check with your physician to determine which test best suits your needs.



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